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Ibrahim Mahmoud’s ‘Where his Flowers Bloom’

The project ‘Where his Flowers Bloom’ by Montreal-based photographer Ibrahim Mahmoud explores notions of toxic masculinity and how young men and people of color are often ostracized and depicted as violent and hypermasculine.

Mahmoud lenses a delicate sense of warmth and comfort, evoking a place of vulnerability for young boys from all different backgrounds to feel comfortable being their true selves.

“I wanted to photograph some of my closest friends, that dealt with the issues I bring forward in this topic while presenting them in a light in which they could feel comfortable while also showing some vulnerability in order to normalize the stigma among men’s mental health, and how one’s racial or ethnic background might get affected by these issues.”

As a queer Middle-Eastern Canadian photographer, Mahmoud’s work revolves heavily around his own cultural identity through the use of form, lighting, and colour. “Something about growing up in a marginalized scene made me always want to be noticed, and it is still the case now, which is why I find great satisfaction when I am able to captivate my viewer’s attention with visuals and pique their curiosity even more with how I present my content.”

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