Submission Guidelines

Liminul Magazine prides itself on delivering ground-breaking content either written or visual that pushes boundaries and rouses the imagination. Please direct all contributions to [email protected] and we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours. Please note during peak season this can take a little longer. 

Please note we will prioritize exclusives over pre-shared content, and prioritize Montreal artists and Toronto artists. All aspects of work will need to remain unpublished until Liminul Magazine publication. Any works found shared prior to submission may not be accepted. 

Editorials must include a short write-up (up to 250 words describing the concept of the series.)

Send all assets, whether video, images, audio, or written pieces to [email protected] and with full credits, and title for us to review. This can be done Via PDF or link.


At this time Liminul Magazine contributions and submissions are made by all artists and writers on a freelance volunteer basis in the spirit of artistic celebration and increasing visibility.