Details: The Best of Fashion Week

From mega-jewelry to armour-esque gloves, designers for both Menswear and Couture Week this season have reached new heights. Of course, the sleek-yet-boyish tailoring of SS24 menswear, and the boundary-pushing AW23 couture season deserve a spotlight of their own, but it’s impossible to not be enamoured by the accessories this season. 

Hug Me Tie

Liminul Magazine presents Hug Me Tie. In response to society’s deeply ingrained perceptions of gender roles, this editorial emerges with a profound purpose: to dismantle these stereotypes and challenge the prevailing notion that men are the sole embodiment of industriousness, professionalism, and dominance, while women’s contributions in the workplace are often undermined and dismissed.

CARRÉMENT! by Victoria Lebrun

Victoria Lebrun is an independent designer based in Antwerp, Belgium. Born in France in 1998 – Lebrun studied literature, science and fine arts for 2 years in Paris before making the decision to enroll in the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2018 for Fashion Design.