CARRÉMENT! by Victoria Lebrun

Victoria Lebrun is an independent designer based in Antwerp, Belgium. Born in France in 1998 – Lebrun studied literature, science and fine arts for 2 years in Paris before making the decision to enroll in the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2018 for Fashion Design. Her Bachelors collection was awarded the SOFAM prize in 2022, soon after – as part of her master collection in 2023, the designer had the opportunity to collaborate with the Belgian brand ‘Komono‘ to design an eyewear collection. 

In June of 2023, Lebrun debuted her latest womenswear collection titled ‘CARRÉMENT!’ which oriented her creative design process towards the development of a vividly graphic, colorful sartorial language. The designer made a conscious effort in the collection to “challenge myself by going for more minimalist and graphic designs”.

, CARRÉMENT! by Victoria Lebrun, Liminul Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Victoria Lebrun.

By exploring the developing relationship between 2 dimensional and 3D representations in the fashion space, Lebrun invites us into her abstract, colorful world. Inspired by artists like Ann Truitt and Erwin Wurm, color blocking is a key theme throughout the CARRÉMENT! collection which is used to create high-impact, minimalistic silhouettes.

“Through my last collections design process I really focused on color treatment and color composition, firstly with prints and then with color blocking, including this research also in my coupe design process.” – Victoria Lebrun

, CARRÉMENT! by Victoria Lebrun, Liminul Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Victoria Lebrun.

The creative concept of the collection emphasizes the earliest memories in which Lebrun formed her connection to fashion; playing with images in magazines, drawing on top of pages and cutting out images to scrap together her vision – CARRÉMENT! is a living tribute to the birth of her artistic process that she continues to employ when playing with enlarged and reduced proportions found in her designs.

“I always work with references and inspiration that bring me joy, it is such a hard work and a harsh world out there that I need it to carry on. I also want people looking at my work to feel great.” – Victoria Lebrun

, CARRÉMENT! by Victoria Lebrun, Liminul Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Victoria Lebrun.

The show title, ‘CARRÉMENT!’ has no direct translation but serves as a French pun – ‘carré’ translating to ‘square’ in English is a nod to the geometrical and square shapes that Lebrun explores in the collection. And Carrément! is used as a French exclamation, used to emphasize something remarkable.

Remarkable to say the least, Lebrun continues to build a world that bends structure, design and aesthetics.

CARRÉMENT! (by Victoria Lebrun)
Photos Courtesy of Victoria Lebrun.
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