Details: The Best of Fashion Week

From mega-jewelry to armour-esque gloves, designers for both Menswear and Couture Week this season have reached new heights. Of course, the sleek-yet-boyish tailoring of SS24 menswear, and the boundary-pushing AW23 couture season deserve a spotlight of their own, but it’s impossible to not be enamoured by the accessories this season. 

Take, for instance, Dior Men’s brooches and their colourful hats, or Botter’s vibrant collection of 3d printed shoes. On the complete opposite end of the colour spectrum was Rick Owens’ collection of footwear, and Fendi’s showcase of playful bags and jewelry. At Couture Week, both Giambattista Valli and Valentino explored mega-jewelry—glittering earrings sized up for the look, and Schiaparelli’s sculpted golden cuffs were certainly a sight to see. 

The conversations between the fashion industry and couture, and the fashion industry and masculinity, have been a perennial topic for runway shows, and like always, designers used not only clothing, but also accessories to showcase their ideas. And we’re here to put a spotlight on them:


Botter has been a stranger to desaturated hues for the past few seasons, and this one’s no different. The collection featured a series of 3d printed trainers, created in collaboration with Reebok. From leaf-shaped bags to stunning turquoise hats, Botter’s accessory design was a mix of refreshing and playful, which perfectly fits into their brand image.


Although Valentino’s couture collection went viral for its beaded trousers, made to look identical to denim, their accessories were no joke either. Bow-shaped sunglasses, glittering headwear, extra-large earrings—if Valentino’s doing it, it’s sure to be a spectacle. 


Schiaparelli has been loved by millions for its couture, and undoubtedly, jewelry is as much a part of their DNA as the exquisite tailoring and graceful silhouettes. From sculpted golden wristlets to arm cuffs to ‘bags’ sculpted to represent a chest, to heels with the front sculpted in the shape of toes, Schiaparelli’s accessory design this season was remarkable.

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy blends graceful, almost regal wear with classic sportswear. There’s a slightly preppy undertone to this collection, and the kitschy jewelry, classic CJL hats, and armour-style gloves made the collection one to remember.

Dior Men

This season, Dior Men treated audiences with sweet-and-dainty pink earrings, pearl necklaces, shiny brooches, hats with flowers attached to them, and a series of cool sunglasses. The exploration of pastels and brighter hues in the accessories perfectly complemented the collection, and gave it an ethereal sort of beauty. 


Fendi’s wordmark earrings, coffee cup holder bags, and classic Fendi-style sneakers gave the already stunning collection a cool and effortless undertone. The combination of deeper tones with classic greens enhanced the collection’s colour story, and cemented it as a true Fendi-core collection.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens’ footwear, in their always-experimental silhouettes, certainly broke new boundaries this season. Buckled up platform heels, and wrap-around medical-boot style shoes added a new layer of edge to the collection.

Louis Vuitton

All eyes were on Pharrell’s debut at Louis Vuitton Mens, and the accessories certainly did not disappoint. Belts with ‘LV-overs’, a twist on ‘lovers’, socks with pockets, paired with classic preppy footwear, and olive green coloured leather bags, all were classic LV-Mens pieces, and certainly showcase a powerful debut from Pharrell.

Giambattista Valli

If Giambattista Valli’s AW23 collection could be described in one word—though that might be causing it a disservice—it would be ‘ethereal’. The collection was brought to new heights with its large floral earrings, dainty floral corsages, floral veil, and its jeweled heels.

Thom Browne

Thom Browne’s work needs no introduction. While their maximalist, experimental silhouettes and tailoring is always a favourite of audiences during fashion month, their accessories—from bell-shaped hats to platform boots that feel almost surrealistic—are equally eye-catching.

, Details: The Best of Fashion Week, Liminul MagazineSimren Jaswani is an editorial intern at Liminul Magazine and a Fashion Student at Toronto Metropolitan University.