Miuccia Prada & Raf Simons Revive the 1940’s Schoolboy Silhouette in the SS24 Menswear Collection

The Prada SS24 Menswear Collection was presented at Milan Fashion Week, titled ‘Fluid Form’, a name emphasized by a truly ingenious runway stunt, which involved clear resin slime that dripped from the ceiling and disappeared into the runway – but more on that later. 

Fluid indeed, Prada & Simons leaned into romantic and soft tailoring – which shaped the chic and modern 1940’s-esque silhouettes which graced the runway. No stranger to redefining geek chic and crafting a conventionally ‘ugly’ high-fashion aesthetic, Prada presented us with a collection that celebrates the death of outdated codes and unspoken rules in menswear and tailoring. 

Much more high-fashion than your average Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards ceremony – Prada SS24 included a mesmerizing display of cascading walls of slime which dripped between models and the audience. The clear resin slime intentionally and momentarily blurred the field of vision of the spectators as models walked the runway, as it fell organically according to gravity. 

Emphasizing strong shoulders through structured and top-heavy garments such as blazers, decorated dress shirts, layered sweaters and utilitarian vests – the show retained a consistent silhouette through the collection, and even shirtless models bared structured jackets with stiff tailoring. 

Consistency was preserved throughout the show through harmonious details like black tube socks, shiny leather loafers and short hair, pushed-back with headbands. Tailored shorts appeared in a majority of the runway looks, displaying diversity and versatility that is possible with staple tailored pieces.

Prada & Simons leaned into neutral and monochromatic palettes to achieve a clean and cohesive collection – infusing distinctive and striking themes such as bright pastels, vivid primary colours, graphic prints, dimensional appliqué & fringe detailing on select pieces. Denim and fur were subtly permeated into the collection to achieve a casual and modern aesthetic which includes unconventional textiles in formal men’s tailoring. 

The collection surrounds a central theme which critically analyzes and evolves the changing definition of menswear, tailoring and gender in fashion. Flowing through design, showmanship and high-fashion techniques – Prada brings to life an immersive and chic fantasy that invites flexibility and playfulness into design.

Watch the Full Show Below
Some Looks & Details From The Prada SS24 Menswear Collection
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