Hug Me Tie

Liminul Magazine presents Hug Me Tie. In response to society’s deeply ingrained perceptions of gender roles, this editorial emerges with a profound purpose: to dismantle these stereotypes and challenge the prevailing notion that men are the sole embodiment of industriousness, professionalism, and dominance, while women’s contributions in the workplace are often undermined and dismissed.


Transparency is highlighted when one juxtaposes life encased in a luxurious home and what life was like once before. The elegantly raunchy styling strikes a balance between an opulent existence within a large, concrete mansion (complete with a built-in aquarium) and being wild at heart; wanting to push boundaries.

Another World by Shae Detar

The first book by photographer Shae Detar, titled Another World, depicts a perfect world inhabited entirely by women. The pages of the book are vividly saturated with color, showing the subjects of the artist roaming through vast, natural landscapes in complete nudity.