On The Decks: Phorie

Phorie is an experimental electronic musician and digital artist. Her current, more aggressive sound surrounds the unnatural, dystopian world she has built from prior sonic and visual inspirations in her life.


FIGHT CLUB features work from Canadian
artists Kelly Ann Panagakos, Alexis Monet, Raphaël
Gagnon and Sebastian Kent. An homage to David
Fincher’s 1999 Fight Club, this shoot revisits themes
such as masculinity, rebellion, and identity.

Toronto Met Features Upcycled Gear In Latest Exhibition

For months we have been surrounded by boxes upon boxes of both new and old garments and heaps of objects, uniforms, and other sundry items—as a team we have sought out strategies to sort through and organize this multitude, as a kind of compendium—working with alumni/designers/artists/students/faculty we have designed and redesigned, deconstructed and reconstructed our way through the seemingly endless piles with boundless perseverance, infinite patience, and many illuminating conversations.

Liminal Pleasures Pt. II

What is feeling? What is pure pleasure, and how do we perceive or experience it in digital spaces if not satirized and stripped down to its most awry fringe carnal manifestations?