Promethean Shame

In an era dominated by digital interfaces and advanced technologies, the human condition finds itself in a state of profound transformation. Liminul’s latest editorial delves into the concept of “Promethean Shame,” exploring how contemporary society navigates the intersections of machinic divinity, digital performativity, and the sublimation of mortality. Inspired by Cody Rooney’s paper on the subject, this collection of images captures the eerie beauty and unsettling reality of humanity’s quest for immortality through technology.

Central to this exploration is the concept of existential disquiet that arises when human endeavor and aspiration are eclipsed by the very technologies they have wrought. This disquiet stems from a recognition that human capacities, once seen as vast and limitless, now appear minuscule against the backdrop of technological omnipotence. Technology, imbued with a form of machinic divinity, exerts a pervasive influence that fundamentally reconfigures the human experience and identity.

In this digital landscape, identity becomes a fluid construct, continually reshaped by the performative nature of our interactions with technology. Digital performativity highlights how our sense of self is increasingly mediated through virtual platforms, where each interaction and representation contributes to a dynamic and ever-evolving persona. This performative aspect underscores the transient nature of identity in the digital age, where the self is both fragmented and amplified through endless iterations of digital engagement.

, Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine

, Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine

, Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine, Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine

Within Promethean Shame exists the concept of digital performativity which captures the fluidity and mutability of identity in the digital era. Identity, once considered a stable and coherent construct, is now perpetually in flux, constantly renegotiated through digital interactions. Social media, virtual realities, and other technological interfaces facilitate the continuous construction and deconstruction of the self. This performative nature of digital identity highlights a fragmentation where the self becomes an assemblage of digital footprints, each interaction contributing to the dynamic mosaic of one’s online persona.

, Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine , Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine  , Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine

In an attempt to enmesh oneself within the digital apparatus to experience a sense of immortality through our digital personas sublimation of mortality through digital means represents a profound transformation in the human understanding of life and death. Technological advancements offer the tantalizing possibility of transcending corporeal limitations, creating digital legacies that persist beyond physical demise. This process of sublimation entails a metamorphosis where the physical is transmuted into the digital, allowing aspects of human existence to endure indefinitely in virtual realms. Promethean Shame, here, does not stop at this omni-directional conduit, it reverses as well. Humans are increasingly transmuting the digital form back into the physical by way of body-modification and performative cosplay based on aesthetics of perfection and algorithmic success which pervade our scopic field in digital spaces

, Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine, Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine, Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine  , Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine

In this ceaseless dance between humanity and its technological progeny, we find ourselves standing at the threshold of a brave new world. As we grapple with the divine machinations of our digital creations and the persistent pulse of our primal essence, we must ask: in the grand theatre of existence, are we the architects of our fate, or merely the actors in a play scripted by the machinic gods? In the end, perhaps the truest measure of our humanity lies not in what we build, but in how we choose to remain human, even as the world around us evolves beyond recognition.


Photography: Cody Rooney

Creative Direction/Model: Avleen Kaur

Stylist/Model: Ronika Turna

MUA: Oriana Biszko

Model: Matt Oster

, Promethean Shame, Liminul Magazine

Cody is the Editor in Chief and senior contributor at liminul.

He is a photography aficionado, fashion enthusiast, avid Lana Del Rey fan, and lover of all things aesthetically pleasing.

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