Dreamscapes by v?

Connection has been a hard ideal to articulate as of late. Being physically dissolved through global isolation while being equally amplified through social digitalization, the concept of genuine connection has become difficult to understand and even harder to communicate.

A Place Is Deeply Possessed

“A Place is Deeply Possessed” explores the intimate connection between people and their surroundings. Through evocative imagery, it highlights a seamless integration into the diverse environments that envelope us, from urban landscapes to the serenity of nature. 

Hug Me Tie

Liminul Magazine presents Hug Me Tie. In response to society’s deeply ingrained perceptions of gender roles, this editorial emerges with a profound purpose: to dismantle these stereotypes and challenge the prevailing notion that men are the sole embodiment of industriousness, professionalism, and dominance, while women’s contributions in the workplace are often undermined and dismissed.