Eve Louisa’s ‘Scout’

The project ‘Scout’ by UK-based photographer Eve Louisa explores the idea of the uniform as a sartorial category. Juxtaposing rural landscapes with urban fashion, Louisa probes the idea of exploration; “‘scout’ is about finding your footing in new environments.”

The Dreamlife of Chechu Álava

The gauzy, auratic atmosphere of Chechu Álava’s paintings is often offset by the directness of her subject’s gaze. Amplified by her chosen palette of fleshy, pearlescent pinks and postmodern pastels, the effect is strangely erotic.

Brent Cleveland’s Neo-Figurative Queer Portraiture

Brent Cleveland is a queer Montreal-based visual artist whose neo-figurative portraiture probes concepts of gender, sexuality, and human expression. Through the haunting and distorted gaze of his subjects, Cleveland imbues a sort of warping of the male gaze, reflecting a nuanced glance of heteronormative defiance toward the spectator.

Brendon Burton’s American Poetry

American Poetry is a previously unreleased body of work by photographer Brendon Burton, documenting roadside signage as works of art. Taken over the course of 5 years around the United States, this series is a study on Americana, media culture, and propaganda.