Double Vision: DSquared2’s FW24/25 Show Celebrates Twins, Canadian Roots, and Fashion Innovation

DSquared2, the iconic Canadian brand renowned for its campy and eclectic designs, has once again captivated the fashion world with its FW24/25 show. Helmed by the twin brother creative directors, Dean and Dan Caten, their most recent fashion show appears to have paid homage to their roots in more ways than one. The show’s cast of models were all twins and were used in a creative way – with the models transitioning seamlessly from day to night looks as they passed through a concealed tunnel-like ‘makeover machine’.

The show kicked off with the first of the twins gracing the runway in daytime outerwear looks, reminiscent of DSquared2’s core grunge aesthetic, with a plethora of plaid and denim as pulled from their Canadian heritage. As expected from DSquared2, layering was key, with leather, flannels, denim, and fur expertly combined to create a look that is distinctly DSquared2. It also helps that the trend cycle is currently seeing the return of many of DSquared2’s core (and in my opinion – timeless) motifs including the grunge aesthetic, flannels, and trapper hats. The interplay of these various fabrics, textures, and chunky silhouettes during this part of the show resulted in many iconic fall/winter ensembles.

As the model vanished into the machine, their twin counterpart would reappear on the opposite end in a polished evening wear look. With black, figure-hugging yet beautifully draped, low cut v-necks being one of the more common motifs in these evening wear looks, this portion of the show was heavily reminiscent of Hedi Slimane’s Celine. Other notable elements included an abundance of sequins, leather pieces, and an array of gold accessories. Fur was also a prominent feature, but in contrast to the daytime looks, it was more ornamental than functional. Whether adorning a bag, serving as a head scarf, or hanging elegantly from the model’s hands in the form of a fur coat, it was evident that fur in these looks was all about adding a touch of glamor.

What sets DSquared2’s approach apart is the meaningfulness of their concept. Unlike some fashion week gimmicks aimed solely at garnering media attention, DSquared2’s twin models and their transformative journey through the show align perfectly with the brand’s story. Furthermore, one can delve deeper into the interpretation, viewing the show as an exploration of the duality embodied by twins. It manages to add a layer of intrigue without overshadowing the collection itself.

As someone who grew up in Toronto, I can’t help but interpret this collection as the Catens’ take on Canadian street fashion, perhaps yet another homage to their origins. The collection beautifully captures the juxtaposition of layering up to brave the snowy streets during the day and then throwing caution to the wind when dressing up for a night out. DSquared2’s FW24/25 show not only celebrates their Canadian roots but also highlights their unparalleled creativity and ability to craft a compelling narrative through fashion. It’s a tribute to the brand’s heritage and an exploration of the duality of both twins and winter fashion, making it a standout event during this Milan Fashion Week.

, Double Vision: DSquared2’s FW24/25 Show Celebrates Twins, Canadian Roots, and Fashion Innovation, Liminul MagazineMichelle Wysocki is a Toronto native now based in New York City, bringing together the worlds of technology and fashion. By day, she’s a software engineer and by night, she’s a fashion design student at FIT and a freelance stylist.