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Meet Cyro, the multi-faceted DJ duo comprising Robyn and Chelsea, two young Canadian women passionate about music and fashion. With a penchant for late 90s/early 2000s hip-hop and R&B, Caribbean tunes, Afrobeats, Amapiano, rap, and drill music, the pair aim to immerse their listeners in the rich tapestry of sounds that have shaped their musical upbringing.

Recently, Cyro tailored a custom mix for our “On the Decks” series, showcasing their eclectic style. We had the chance to sit down with Robyn and Chelsea to chat about their popular party series, “Glossy,” and gain insights into their inspirations and the influence of Toronto on their DJ journey.

You both have diverse interests in music and fashion. How did this unique combination of passions lead to your collaboration as DJs and event curators in the Toronto music scene?

For us, it came very naturally. As best friends, we both have very similar interests, so when the opportunity to learn how to DJ came about, we were both excited to try something new together. It started off as something casual and fun, then quickly became something we were passionate about. After attending various parties and venues in the city, we found that the scene was missing female curators and saw the perfect opportunity to step up.

Can you share more about your musical influences and the specific genres that inspire your DJ sets, such as late 90s/early 2000s hip-hop and Caribbean sounds?

Growing up, we listened to a lot of 90’s and early 2000’s hip-hop, watching TV channels like BET. We both come from a Caribbean background, with our parents playing various types of Caribbean music such as soca, reggae, and dancehall. When we would go out we noticed that DJs would sprinkle throwbacks here and there, and we constantly wished to hear more of that. That is part of what started our party, Candy Shop.


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Robyn, you are a model who enjoys traveling the world. How has your global perspective influenced your musical taste, and do you find that different cultures and locations inspire your DJ’ing style?

For me, I’ve always found learning about different cultures fascinating. Living in cities like LA, NYC, and London has greatly impacted my music taste. In LA and NYC there’s so much love for local talent, whether it’s hip-hop, Rnb, or alternative-inspired music. In London, there’s such a vast scene for future beats, jungle, UK-drill. This is definitely what drove me to want to be an open-format DJ, getting to dabble in everything. One genre that is new to me that I’ve grown to love and enjoy is Amapiano. I love the intensity of the drums and how up-beat it feels. I love hearing classic rnb or hip-hop songs being edited with Amapiano beats. It definitely inspires me to create unique blends.

Chelsea, as co-owner of the clothing line Edgeless, how do you merge your love for fashion and music in your DJ’ing career, and do you see any connections between the two creative outlets?

I emerge myself into music the same way I do with fashion. Although I may have some favourite genres, I am very open to listening to new sounds, just as I am with trying on new clothes and not keeping myself in a box or limited to just one set style. I am all about expressing myself both musically and fashionably depending on how I see fit/ feel at that time. Overall doing it that way, helps me stay creative in both avenues bringing new things to light each time, which also leads to inspiration to both one another.


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Could you tell us about your collaboration with Adidas and Footlocker? How did this partnership come about, and what was the highlight of that experience for both of you?

The partnership came about as a referral from a good friend. The collaboration was looking for local talent, and we were lucky to fit the criteria they were looking for. It was the first time we were more formally recognized as a DJ duo, outside of the music scene. We both enjoyed the panel portion of the partnership. We were able to tell our story to young kids and give them advice on how to follow their dreams.

Your GLOSSY* event series focuses on providing opportunities for women of colour in entertainment, music, and fashion. Can you share the motivation behind this initiative and the impact it has had on the community?

Ultimately, we wanted to create a safe space for women of colour in the industry to feel empowered, creative, and valued. We felt like that was missing, and that is what GLOSSY* is all about.


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Chelsea, you’ve mentioned your favourite artists, including Lil Uzi, Gunna, Rema, Lil Durk, and Mariah the Scientist. How have these artists influenced your musical journey and style as a DJ?

These artists have always played a big role in my everyday listening music which spilled over into my DJing. I really enjoy listening to ‘chill’ songs that I can still vibe out to. Lil Uzi has been very inspiring because he is an artist that is heavily influenced from Rock music and always finds ways to bring into his own sound – which has taught me that two different types of genres can sound amazing together especially when DJ’ing. Gunna has an insane beat selection he chooses to rap on, it is perfect for any part of the day and a great choice to transition into when doing sets. Mariah the Scientist made me fall back in love with women artists. I feel like she really speaks to her audience and I can personally relate to things she sings about, which lead me to opening up more into my RNB selection with new artists. Lil Durk has a lot of hidden bangers, or B-side songs that I love to show to people. Rema was one of the first artists that introduced me to Afrobeats which overall helped me expand my knowledge of music. Each artist is so different which I love brings a different vibe to the table that I can show off and always reminds me to push the boundaries.


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Robyn, you’ve expressed your admiration for artists like Partynextdoor, Gunna, Lil Baby, Wizkid, and SZA. Can you share some of your favourite tracks or moments from these artists that have left a lasting impression on you?

I have actually seen almost all of these artists perform live. SZA and Partynextdoor are artists that I grew up listening to, during such a pivotal transition period in my life. I went to both of their first Toronto concerts and it was such an intimate experience that I’ll never forget. My favourite Partynextdoor songs are TBH and West District. Gunna and Lil Baby are probably my favourite new-age rap artists. I love their nonchalant flow and rap style, you can almost sing along to any track. Wizkid is the first Afrobeat artist I was really introduced to. The first time I listened to him was probably in 2016 and I just knew I loved the genre and the similarities it has to reggae and dancehall. The genre was completely new to me and I was interested in learning more. Now, afro beats is one of my favourite genres to play and listen to.

What are your future plans for the GLOSSY* event series, and do you have any upcoming collaborations or projects that you can give us a sneak peek into?

In the future, we want to expand GLOSSY* in terms of the frequency of the party and location. Our goal is to have the party multiple times a year and globally. Something we are currently working on is a radio show in collaboration with Jupiter Hills called Jupiter Sounds.


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Your portfolio includes events like GLOSSY Vol. 2.0 and collaborations with prominent brands. Can you share a particularly memorable experience or event that stands out in your career so far?

Other than Glossy, we really enjoyed spinning for CBL. The tournament is always super fun, and since it’s open to the public the crowd is super diverse. In 2022, it was our first time playing at a venue like that, we remember being nervous and then quickly getting into the groove. The crowd was responding really well and so were the players. We were beyond grateful to be able to spin for them again this year.

As DJs and event curators, how do you see yourselves contributing to the Toronto art scene, and what message or vibe do you hope to convey to your audience through your events and music?

Our major goal is to be an avenue for women of colour in the industry. We want to empower women and provide as many women with opportunities to showcase their talents. We want our events to be memorable and a safe space for people to enjoy themselves. We love tapping into different vibes, like our party “Candy Shop” which is so nostalgic of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, or “Temperature” which is derived from our love for our Caribbean culture.

Are there any specific venues or locations in Toronto that hold a special place in your hearts and have played a significant role in your journey as DJ duo?

Some of our favourite venues to spin at are APT200, Ace Hotel, and Soho House. APT200 was one of our favourite places to go out, so being able to play there has been very full circle for us.

Ace Hotel is a venue that we feel really aligns with our personal style and vibe, we get to get into our R&B and chill rap bag. Soho House held our first GLOSSY* event, which was extremely successful, so it will always be very special to us.


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Your Soundcloud, CYRO SOUNDS, showcases your mixes. Can you share your approach to creating these mixes and how you curate the tracklist to engage your audience?

We’ve created our Soundcloud and mixes to showcase our range. We often pick out a theme or vibe we want to create and make a long list of songs we love that fall into it. We carefully select tracks based on what we love. We love going for classics, but also songs that our listeners might not have heard in a while. We love to pull out a deep cut, especially if it resonates with us.

What are your long-term goals for your music careers and event curation endeavors? Where do you see yourselves in the next few years within the industry?

Our goal is to expand on a global level, being able to travel more for gigs and work with some of our favourite brands. Long term, we see ourselves collaborating with artists and potentially touring. We also see ourselves having a very successful radio show that showcases emerging talent and creators of colour.

Finally, can you tell us how your Toronto roots have shaped your identity as artists, and what do you hope to bring to the local and international music and fashion scenes in the future?

Toronto is a melting pot and has exposed us to so many different cultures, constantly teaching us about various different genres of music. This has helped develop our ability to be open format, not being boxed into any specific genre, and cater to different people in different spaces. Our music and fashion tastes are kind of one and the same. Both are heavily influenced by our mood and what we are feeling. Ultimately, we hope to continue to inspire our listeners and expose
them to different sounds and styles.

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