Huney Studios Dares to Dream

Toronto-based wunderkind Hani Pathan is a Jack of all trades. Known formally as her artist name— Huney Studios, the multi-talent expands an oeuvre across a myriad of mediums, exploring different genres and media, ultimately representing a steadfast belief that art is not simply a “one all, be all” approach.

Verseau Belladonna

It has been more than four years since Toronto-based Label Verseau launched its first collection. Then, a fledgling hobby of founder Josephine Kent’s, the first offering from the designer’s brand was “quintessential ‘Verseau’” as she puts it.

Sinz In Leather

For Halifax-based leather goods designer Brenda Duran, creativity is urgency. Having just launched her leather and kink accessories brand dubbed ‘Sinz in Leather‘, a melange of cholita vibes and nostalgic 90’s grunge, Duran describes the creative process as one fueled by questions of ‘what if’.