Line-Teta Blémont’s Strange Banalities

Belgian photographer Line-Teta Blémont’s ‘’Strange Banalities’’ is a series of photographs depicting a wordless feeling and ambiance that’s situated somewhere between liminal spaces, nostalgia and anemoia. Investigating the volatile moments of life that are seemingly banal and ordinary, the project is a photographic conservation of these small fleeting observations. “It tackles the power of spaces, atmospheres, and transitional moments. It’s essentially about a feeling that is indiscernible and expresses the intangible things of life.”

‘’You’re in a suburb where there’s the presence of a loud silence, the white noise overtakes. You’re experiencing liminality, you feel what doesn’t exist in this supposed underwhelming setting. You are neither fully here nor there, but more so in a space of shift where only small things happen and where you feel time pass by.’’

Liminal space is…

Finding comfort in something that’s initially supposed to be or considered to be unsettling. Liminal spaces are a sort of experience where you plunge into an atmosphere which is comfortably frightening.

Photographing these liminal spaces allows me to archive and capture these volatile moments. It’s a conservation of a fleeting moment for me. A moment that only exists now in this place and time.

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