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For Halifax-based leather goods designer Brenda Duran, creativity is urgency. Having just launched her leather and kink accessories brand dubbed ‘Sinz in Leather‘, a melange of cholita vibes and nostalgic 90’s grunge, Duran describes the creative process as one fueled by questions of ‘what if’. “What got me started, was when RuPaul was in the workroom with a queen and said something like “you need to create NOW, or you’ll never know what you could’ve done, now is the time!” This creative urgency she says was the catalyst for the brand. 

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Aiming to combine inspiration from the streets of Toronto all way down to her El Salvadorian roots, she wants Sinz to be as versatile as possible. “We serve options to dress up dress down, mix and match with multi-functional items with no effort. All custom clothing and accessories are hand-crafted by me in Nova Scotia, Canada.”

The brand, in its inception, is a creative boon for the artist and designer. “There is so much I want to do, or at least try to do. I’m curious to see what I’m capable of, and I think that right there is an artist mentality.”

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Her latest collection, featuring wing-tipped leather masks and harnesses replete with silver metal hardware, recalls the avant-garde kink of Richard Quinn, with the street essence of brands like Hood By Air and fledgling designs from the likes of Art School London.

“I’ve spent many times in the costume department but a leather shop is just different. I love to build with my hands and this medium made sense to me, it’s like a mix of engineering and sculpting. Right now I’m experimenting, learning more than I thought I knew and truly being inspired by every artist out there, there is so much you can do with leather! You know that energy that everyone wants to one-up themselves? I’m living for it because it’s a kick in the ass to be a boss and do something other than being depressed.”

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As for eco-conscientiousness? Duran doesn’t shy away from the conversation about the controversy surrounding leather. “My carbon footprint has always mattered,” she opines. “I know leather is super controversial but I would rather use a material that lives on pretty much forever and could be restored if needed due to its resilience.” Not only does the designer believe in the resilience of the material, but she also plans to incorporate a way to make her designs come full circle. “Since I started I’ve collected all my waste, not one piece is going in the trash, I have big plans on how to use all my scrap materials, and utilize other household items that we tend to overuse, but y’all are going to have to stay tuned for the rest.”


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