Montreal Introduces Us to Yayoi Kusama

Montreal introduces us to Yayoi Kusama at the Phi Foundation Contemporary Arts Museum this July. The artist, being from Japan, is known primarily for her Infinity Mirrored Rooms, where solo audience members are indulged in a giant disco universe.

Shirin Neshat’s Land of Dreams

Iranian-born New York City resident Shirin Neshat is a visual artist best recognized for her work in photography, and film. Prior to the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1974, Neshat traveled to Los Angeles to pursue her art studies.

Lee Bae’s Union

UNION is the first solo exhibition by South Korean artist Lee Bae in Canada. With a focus on the artist’s Issu du feu (Emerging From Fire) series from 1999-2000, the exhibition spans a variety of different non-traditional media.