A Subculture is Born: AI Fashion

AI Fashion is slowly but surely taking over. Rapidly growing in popularity and interest, the first AI Fashion Week was held last week in NYC, and as interest in the power of AI blooms amongst the fashion community and consumers – the technology which supports it develops further, expanding creative potential and disturbing the fashion space.

AI is probably somewhere on your radar, explore page or foryou in some form or another, and if you haven’t spotted it – you might want to take a closer look. 

@ai_clothingdaily was early into AI Fashion, beginning in October of 2021 the account posts daily content of AI generated and designed runway images, editorial images and product images. Exploring all aspects of fashion from sneakers to bridal, @ai_clothingdaily has over 500 posts of AI generated fashion images which routinely are reposted to moodboard pages. Most recently collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger to interperate and generate images for the brand. 


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AI Generated Images Via @ai_clothingdaily

Within a generation of notoriously short attention spans, interest in AI fashion is higher than ever – the newest in technology in a medium which appeals to us, immediately available through social media. From this, the subculture surrounding AI fashion slowly develops and evolves into its final form. 

If you aren’t already familiar with ‘Harry Potter by Balenciaga’, you absolutely should be. AI artist @demonflyingfox is exploring the depths of AI with short videos, depicting familiar media, movies, characters and stories – retold in an alternate dimension, style or genre. Their work ranges from ‘Breaking Bad by Balenciaga’, to ‘The Bible as an 80s Sitcom’ and ‘Pulp Fiction as an 80s Yakuza Film’. Strangely familiar yet disturbingly offbeat, 

Full ‘Harry Potter By Balenciaga’ Uploaded by @demonflyingfox

The opportunities are endless, and parodies of this concept have already been picked up, sparking similar projects like James Bond by Gucci. Brands with distinguishable aesthetics like Balenciaga are the most popular subject to AI parodies, made effective by their recognizable house codes and mannerisms.

Amongst the E-commerce boom during the pandemic, digital aspects to fashion rapidly became profitable tools for retailers and designers. As we live now, post-pandemic under an impending recession our needs have shifted once again, many major brands taking closer looks into their production waste and sustainable impact – repositioning their focus from digital shopping to more current needs of consumers. 

AI fashion is a tool that can be leveraged by emerging designers and major companies to innovate and create without the harmful impact of physical production. Last week the very first AI Fashion Week was held in New York, backed by Revolve Group and Spring Studios in Soho – the event was more competition than presentation, accepting submissions from all over the world selecting three winners who will have their collections produced and sold by Revolve Group. 

Photos from @fashionweek.ai

AI Fashion isn’t just here for the meme-culture, it has the potential to deeply disrupt the fashion space. Emerging designers can now show collections without ever having to produce them, collections can be rendered to be shown on all body types and there is virtually no cost to creating an elaborate runway presentation. 

Could AI be the solution to level the playing field for emerging talent in fashion? 

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