Another World by Shae Detar

The first book by photographer Shae Detar, titled Another World, depicts a perfect world inhabited entirely by women. The pages of the book are vividly saturated with color, showing the subjects of the artist roaming through vast, natural landscapes in complete nudity. The use of bright colors makes the women appear almost superhuman. In this world, women are free from external dangers and judgmental gazes, making them feel liberated and powerful. They don’t have to worry about their safety or appearance and are free to express themselves fully.

Detar left the evangelical church in her twenties and now lives in New York with her husband, a music composer who shares a similar background. She began experimenting with 19th-century oil painting techniques at the age of 30, using nudes as a way to explore her relationship with her body. Another World documents her 13-year journey to breathtaking natural locations around the world, where she photographed real women, including the Californian desert, the Icelandic moon-like landscapes, and the cliffs of the British coastline. Her later works, created after enrolling in classical painting school, feature a signature watercolor technique that took her three years to perfect. These works are her most dramatic and showcase the artist’s talent in painting nudes with a unique and captivating approach.

, Another World by Shae Detar, Liminul Magazine

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