On Neomedievalism and its Aesthetics

Although medieval aesthetics have been present in the media for years, this last decade has been witnessing its revamping. Artists like Caroline Polachek or ARCA have been championing certain elements of this aesthetic for some time, and fashion powerhouses like Balenciaga gave us a more literal interpretation of it in the digital presentation of their fall 2021 collection.

A Subculture is Born: AI Fashion

AI Fashion is slowly but surely taking over. Rapidly growing in popularity and interest, the first AI Fashion Week was held last week in NYC, and as interest in the power of AI blooms amongst the fashion community and consumers – the technology which supports it develops further, expanding creative potential and disturbing the fashion space.

Delivering a Viral Fashion Moment in a Digital Age

Fashion is theatrical by nature, and designers have always embraced the evolution of technology – gimmicks, shock factor, and innovation are no strangers to the runway, but Social Media has without a doubt brought forward a formidable platform for brands to not only showcase their designs but also bring press and discussion about a collection.