Toronto Met Features Upcycled Gear In Latest Exhibition

For months we have been surrounded by boxes upon boxes of both new and old garments and heaps of objects, uniforms, and other sundry items—as a team we have sought out strategies to sort through and organize this multitude, as a kind of compendium—working with alumni/designers/artists/students/faculty we have designed and redesigned, deconstructed and reconstructed our way through the seemingly endless piles with boundless perseverance, infinite patience, and many illuminating conversations.

The Best of New York Fashion Week SS23
Until recently, New York Fashion Week felt a little dull.
Electric: A Celebration of Womanhood

Electric: A Celebration of Womanhood champions the empowerment of black women through the rise of icons. In the vein of Rihanna, Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, Megan Thee Stallion and more, Electric honours women of colour who have paved the way in media, eschewing representations of black women as “aggressive” “strong” and  “intimidating”; instead showcasing their creativity, personal style, and entrepreneurship.

Copenhagen SS23

Nordic designers are best at effortless, airy minimalism: Their approach is elegantly straightforward—not stark—yet still lively. This season, Copenhagen Fashion Week attracted much attention due to the plethora of emerging brands showing their collections, with motifs of these offerings ranging from sexy knitwear, body positivity, and sustainability to the emerging aesthetics of Scandinavian maximalism.